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The Goldilocks Planets are Growling

August 28, 2016


With the announcement last week of the documented discovery of Proxima b, a rocky planet similar in size and temperature to Earth in the so-called Goldilocks Zone of life-bearing planets, now seen orbiting the star Proxima Centauri only 4.5 light years from our solar system, you have to wonder what some otherworldly planetary bears out there might be thinking.

Could they be feasting on our porridge of audio, video, and data transmissions being slurped up through space junk, gravity-sucking black holes, rampant radiation, and a myriad of other distorting phenomena?

Or, are our meanderings perceived as foreboding famine?

With the current state of our political discourse and various violent upheavals, do you think the bears would hide in the woods at the sight of us?  Even though they likely won’t see what’s been happening here for another 4.5 years? (Well, unless they’ve mastered time warps to see faster than the speed of light.)

And how might Earth have been influenced over the millennia by potential contacts with other worlds we might not yet comprehend? As the late John Lennon said, we all shine on, but I would add, some of us possibly more brightly and less convoluted than others. Imagine how a few seemingly minor twists and turns of fate could change the course of history across the universe.

The theme of our impact on the universe and its unknown impacts on us is something that has been on my mind for quite some time, since I began writing Dystortions: 100 Hues of Purple, scheduled for release on October 6, 2016 by Black Rose Writing. It’s mystery, murder, and love in a parallel universe. The action takes place on a planet called Malaprop, strikingly similar to Earth, but with a few twists and many Dystortions in translations of data transmissions from a planet known as Hearth. Glitched up radio communications are bombarding Malaprop – a world where fearful national security analysts, politicians, and P.R. flacks re-write history and distort facts to recreate their reality in Hearth’s image. The Dystortions in those radio communications sometimes appear to twist words backwards and create opposite meanings, but maybe also reveal underlying truths.

There’s just enough good science and wacked-out myth-busting to make the story hauntingly credible – and enough saucy romance to keep things hot. It’s much warmer and more colorful than any shades of grey. Hope you will check it out. It’s available for pre-order on most online sites, which can be reached through and Goodreads.


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